5 Fun Pet Facts

Pets have all accomplished some amazing feats throughout their lives, but some species have characteristics that are jaw dropping to their owners. Here are 5 fun pet facts that may surprise you.

All Dogs have Unique Nose Prints.

dog nose prints

dog nose printsHuman fingerprints are unique, and no two people have ever had the same ones. It may not be surprising, but dogs are a little more like people than we all thought. The tips of a dog’s nose are as Cats as human fingerprints. If you’ve ever wondered who raided the food or got into the trash, all you need is a way to extract the nose prints to catch your culprit. All joking aside, documenting nose prints could help a whole lot of dogs find their way back home after they get lost.

Cats only Meow at Humans

cats meow
cats meow

Cats don’t tend to vocalize while they communicate with each other. While they do meow to their mother as a baby, they tend to avoid meowing at other cats. However, they do love meowing to their owners. Cats have a couple of reasons why they meow, and it comes back to the same exact reasons they meowed when they were babies. Cats will meow to say hello and to spark attention. They will also vocally communicate with you if they’re hungry and they’d like a bite to eat. Regardless of whether it’s a tendency they use around their own species, cats love to vocalizing with their owners.

Hamster’s Cheek Pouches Extend Through to the Hips

hamster's cheek pouches
hamster’s cheek pouches

Hamsters have a super power. It’s just not as flashy as we’d expect. As far as fun pet facts go, this one may not be the most surprising. However, hamsters can pack a lot of food in their cheeks. If you’ve ever wondered why hamsters can stash away so much food at one time, it’s because they can stash food throughout their whole entire torso. These champions of food storage have pockets that extend all the way down to the hips. We always knew that hamsters were packing some heavy-duty cheeks, but we never knew why they could do it. The mystery has been solved

Tarantulas can regenerate their legs

Tarantulas can regenerate
Tarantulas can regenerate

Tarantulas are spiders that have an uncanny ability to regrow their legs if they lose them while they are younger. However, this crafty skill does come at a price. Spiders who regrow lost limbs molt less and grow less than normal. However, having the ability to regrow your limbs is a pretty epic safety net to have when you’re a kid.

Male puppies have a soft spot for the ladies while playing
puppies have a soft spot
puppies have a soft spot

While not all puppies agree to throw dominance out the window, boys have a well-documented tendency to let the young ladies win while they are play battling. While this isn’t all that shocking, it’s cute to think about the chivalry the young gentleman display when they start socializing with the ladies. Maybe humans could learn a thing or two from their best friends.


These 5 fun pet facts are amazing. Some inspire us while others are simply baffling. What other fun pet facts do you know? Let us know below!