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    hair focused beauty fitness
    hair focused beauty fitness

    Clarifying shampoos can be used to help clear and remove excess products and oils from the hair. Natural hair is not usually clean, even if you wash it every day. Hair contains residue from regular shampoo conditioner, mineral deposits from water, and hair products like gels and mousse. Therefore to make our hair health and fit it is important to get rid of the residuals by using clearly clarifying shampoo for natural hair.

    beauty fitness
    beauty fitness

    Best clarifying shampoo for natural hair.

    African Black Soap, Deep cleansing Shampoo

    It has a moisturizing component for natural hair, it works on hairs that tend to get tangled easily and rough hairs.

    It has a healing plant extracts to skin problems such as psoriasis and it has no harmful chemicals. The soap is best for thick and curly hair and it is natural organic and free from cruelty.

    The shampoo helps maintain our hair, make it natural and maintains its fitness health wise

    Tru Moroccan Clarifying shampoo

    Helps control excess oils in the natural hair, it fights bacteria’s and fights dandruff that causes the hair smell.  It is a very light clarifying shampoo and uses very gentle plant based ingredients

    Clarifying shampoo
    Clarifying shampoo

    High Performance hair care

    This clarifying shampoo is gentle and makes your skin soft and shiny. It is essential for normal and fine hair. Relaxing and luxurious scent.

    How often to use clarifying Shampoo

    It is not a must to use the clarifying shampoo every day. Use clarifying shampoo 2 days per week if you have oily hair. If your hair is fine just use clarifying shampoo after once after ten days.

    Reasons to add clarifying shampoo to your hair routine
    • To remove hard water residues: For those who love swimming, then clarifying shampoo is essential for your hair. It gets rid of pool chlorine and restores natural color of your hair.


    • To keep blonde hair from turning brassy: For those who have brassiness issues in their hair. Clarifying shampoo gets rid of the mineral deposits incurred from your environment. Some of the deposits maybe from cigarette smoke, pollution from the city air and mineral deposits from the shower. It is advisable to use once a week, it helps fight brassy hair.
    • To treaty Oily hair: Clarifying shampoo gives a deep and less moisturizing cleanse that helps is essential on greasy hair. You should apply once not regularly because sometimes clarifying shampoo maybe harsh on your hair.
    • To get rid of build ups from your styling products and treatments, many skin care products we apply always leave residue that make our hair un healthy. clarifying shampoo get raids of the buildups
    • Regular hair products may be helpful to your hair but sometimes regular products creates a coat and build up on top of each other. It is recommended to use clarifying shampoo once per week if you use several products. But once every four weeks is recommended.