9 Fun Cat Traits

    Cat Traits

    Cats are known as the perfect household pet. They are loving and nurturing, and they are adventurous and funny. Here are nine cat traits that cat owners love about the little felines.

    1. Cats are Ninjas

    Cats are Ninjas

    Cats are incredibly flexible while sporting a powerful combination quickness and camouflage. They always land on their feet, and they can climb pretty much anywhere without getting hurt. Cats are role models to athletes around the world. If they could only do half of what your cat could, they would be legends.

    1. Cats love Sleeping

    Cats love Sleeping

    If we could fall asleep as quickly and comfortably as our cats, we’d always feel rested.  Cats can fall asleep anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a book or a balancing beam, anywhere is a good place to sleep. It’s said that by the time a cat turns nine, it will have only been awake for three years of its life. That’s straight up ridiculous.

    1. Cats are Playful

    Cats are Playful

    Cats love playing and having fun. While uses most of the day focusing on relaxation, they’ll take time out of their busy schedules to hangout and have some fun.

    1. Cats Don’t Taste Sweets

    Unlike dogs, cats have now idea how delicious cake is because they can’t taste sweetness. While humans around the world try to find a way to avoid sweet goodies, cats don’t even know the taste even exists.

    1. Cats can hear Dolphin Sounds
    Cats can hear Dolphin Sounds

    Cats are trained to pick up ultrasonic noises that come from rodents. That means they are able to pick up the same frequencies that dolphins use to communicate. If you’d like to test it out, you can simply pull up an audio of ultrasonic dolphin communication and see how your cat reacts.

    1. A Cat Sparked Tesla’s Fascination of Electricity
    A Cat Sparked Tesla’s Fascination of Electricity

    Ever wonder why Tesla was so into electricity? Well rumor has it that one of the most infamous cat traits are responsible for the curiosity coming to fruition. It turns out Tesla began studying electricity after he was shocked by a cat.

    1. Cats are Left and Right Pawed

    One of the most interesting cat traits come from coordination. Most lady cats tend to be right handed while the gentlemen tend to sport left-handed characteristics. No one really knows why, but it’s a pretty fun fact to know.

    1. Cats Never Get Lost
    Cats Never Get Lost

    If you’re cat ever escapes, odds are it’s going to go a long way before it ventures back home. However, unlike most dogs, cats don’t get lost. The reason is likely due to a fancy process cats are believed to have called psi-travelling. It’s a way of traveling by navigating through the angles that come from sunlight. It’s also thought that they have internal compasses embedded inside of their brain. Either way, always know where they are.

    1. Cats Talk like their Owners

    If you like to talk to your cat a lot, odds are it’ll have a tendency to communicate with you more often than other cats will. This is because a cat’s normal vocal range is silent to the human ear. In turn, cats have learned how to meow so they could connect with their owners.

    These nine cat traits are only a small part as to why cats are such amazing pets. What are your favorite cat traits? Let us know in the comments below!