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5 Epic Dog Adventures Every Owner Should Take

Dogs love adventure. They feel comfortable exploring outside, and they give us the perfect reason to travel and enjoy the simple things in life....
Train Your Dog to Stop Pulling on the Leash 2

Train Your Dog to Stop Pulling on the Leash

First of all, it’s walking of loose-leash or the polite walking of the leash, not heeling, heeling is a different exercise.It’s not proper for...
puppy weaned

What is the best age for a puppy to be weaned?

Puppies should be for 60 days before being weaned with their mothers, but many breeders doing it a bit earlier.A recent study from the...
Help Your Puppy with Weaning

How to Help Your Puppy with Weaning?

When puppies beginning to eat solid foods along with their mother's milk, this process called weaning.In wild dogs it proceeds in a natural process...
Puppy Sleep

How to Teaching Your Puppy to Sleep Through The Night

Getting a new puppy is like having a young baby, and according to the fact that a puppy is a baby dog and needs...
German Shepherd

The True Facts About German Shepherd

German Shepherd is one of the most famous breed in the world, Here are some true facts about that unique breed. 1.Versatile German Shepherd is belonging to versatile...
Daily Exercise Does your Dog need

How Much Daily Exercise Does your Dog need?

We always think that exercise is only a health matter but it has a magnificent effect on the dog behavior as well.Dogs ـــ especially...