5 Reasons Dogs are the Best Pets

dog best pets
Dogs are hailed as man’s best friend for a reason, and it’s easy to see why these furry animals are often called the best companions that people can find. It’s nice to have a dog during the good times as well as the bad ones.
After a long day at work, they’ll great you with happiness. If you’re sad, they will do whatever they can to comfort you. They also love exploring, and they enjoy the simple things in life. Here are 5 reasons dogs are the best pets on the planet.
  1. Dogs are Hilarious

When it comes down to it, dogs are just plain funny. Whether they are playing, displaying affection, feeling guilty, trying to convince you to take them for a walk, or simply soaking up the sun, dogs have a knack of putting a smile on human faces. They’re personalities are funny, enjoyable, and uplifting by nature.
  1. Dogs are Happy

To put things simply, dogs know how to live the good life. It doesn’t matter how you look, what kind of money you have, or who you are.
If you own a dog, he or she will love you for being you. When you wake up thinking about running errands and getting to work, dogs are just happy to greet you with a loving smile. They always appreciate walks,
cherish meal time, and love affection. Somehow, they forgive incredibly quickly, and they always are happy to keep an owner company.
Dogs are the best pets because they teach us how to be happy and grateful with what we have in life.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the good things in life, but dogs have a knack for helping us put life back into perspective.
  1. Dogs are Loyal

Sometimes dogs can be disobedient, and they have a knack for disobeying every order you give them. They’ll raid the trash, escape from the backyard, and they’ll snipe food any opportunity they get.
While these traits can be a tad bit irritating, dogs do have one trait that makes up for everything. They are incredibly loyal. It doesn’t matter what conditions you find yourself in. Dogs will always have your back.
Whether you’re on walks, hanging out with friends, or you’re just cuddled up watching Netflix, dogs feel an attachment and loyalty to their owners.
They appreciate all that we give them, and they would do anything they could to keep us safe and happy.
When you’re sad, they’ll post up right by your side until you cheer up. When you’re grumpy, they’ll remind you that life isn’t so bad by trying to make you smile. Dogs are great because they are loyal. Devine loyalty is rare among humans, but to dogs it’s second nature.
  1. Dogs keep you Active
If you look away from your phone orc computer and look at your pup, he or she will probably be extremely bored.
Watch what happens if you ask about a walk or an adventure. Dogs instantly light up with joy and will become flooded with excitement to hit the road when they are given a chance. Having a dog is perfect for those who are looking to be active.
Dogs love exploring the wild, and they will hop in the car to travel across the country with their best friend without hesitation. It doesn’t matter what part of the world dogs live in.
Adventure makes dogs happy, and it fill their hearts with joy. Seeing the smile on your dog’s face should be enough to put a smile on yours. However, the worst-case scenario in taking your dog out on an adventure is getting some exercise.
  1. Dogs are Emotional Chameleons
Dogs have an incredible talent for mirroring emotions and habits. If you like to move a lot, your dog will naturally be active. If you love to relax,
then your dog will cherish doing it with you. Dogs are incredibly gifted when it comes to reading tonality and body language, and they’ll do everything they can to emulate your emotional state so they can connect with you.
Dogs will get excited with you, and they will join you as you mourn. They are the perfect companion for anyone because they are extremely gifted at emotionally mirroring the ones they love.
It’s easy to see why dogs earned the right to be called man’s best friend, but why do you think dogs are the best pets on the planet? Let us know in the comments below.