5 Things Dogs Wish Dog Owners Knew

dog owners

All dog owners would like to think that they know pretty much everything about the furry members of the family. However, there are some things dogs wish they could communicate to their owners. Here are 5 aspects dogs wish their dog owners knew about dogs.

  1. Dogs feel Locked up

Dogs feel Locked up

After a long day of work, the last thing that you want to do is play with the pup. However, dogs tend to spend their days pinned up at home, and they don’t get a chance to wander. Spending just a little time to take a dog outside will do wonders in improving a dog’s quality of life. Just look at that face while you’re out and about!

  1. Dogs get Lonely

Dogs get Lonely

Dogs are definitely troopers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel the effects of getting lonely while being locked up all day. Dogs see owners as family, and being gone for so many hours at a time is more than enough of a reason to make dogs feel alone. That’s why it’s important to understand that dogs genuinely do love to owners after a long day of being alone.

Spending time with your dog will make it feel loved and appreciated. All dogs deserve the right to be given some attention. If you feel like you have fears of abandonment, just look at what happens to your dog’s face as you walk out the door. Dogs feel the pain deeply as they are separated from their families, even if it’s for a minute!

  1. Dogs Can’t help Forgetting Things
Dogs Can’t help Forgetting Things

Your dog wishes it could tell you that it has no clue why you’re scolding it right now. It was sitting there enjoying the moment, and then you unloaded a fury about something that happened ten minutes ago. Dogs have huge short-term memory problems. If something happens, it should be addressed right away or not at all.

  1. Dogs Don’t Understand English
Dogs Don’t Understand English

Dogs have trouble holding on to an extensive vocabulary. Sure, they can pick up on words and phrases, but they genuinely don’t understand the fluencies of language. Luckily, dogs are wonderful at interpreting tonality and body language. When you’re trying to connect your dog it’s best to keep this in mind. Your dog sure does appreciate that you’re taking the time to talk to it, and it does wish it knew what you were saying. However, it’s up to dog owners to take the time to connect and communicate with their dogs, because dogs can’t process language well.

  1. Dogs Won’t be Babies Forever
5. Dogs Won’t be Babies Forever

We love to think of our dogs as our children. However, by the time a dog is three or four, it’s an adult. Dogs are pretty lenient, but that doesn’t mean they feel like they’re misunderstood. They’ll let us dress them up, cuddle them, and talk to them in adorable voices. But they are also adults that love to go on adventures and exercise competence along with a little independence. Sure, it’s nice to think of your dog as a pup, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes dogs just want to be dogs, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

These are five things of the many things that dogs wished dog owners knew. What other things that should have made the list? Let us know below!