Healing Foods for Common Health Problems

Healthy Foods
Healing Foods for Common Health Problems

When you’re try to avoid taking medication to treat your health problem, the number one way is food. Food will help you taking control of the situation. Along with your doctor advice   you can improve the situation naturally with nutrient-rich foods.

Berries for Thyroid Problems

The most common thyroid problems are hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is when the level of your thyroid is too active, your body produce more than you need of the hormone. Hypothyroidism is when the level of your thyroid is underactive, your body will not producing enough thyroid hormone for the body to function at its best. Each one come with their own treatment and symptoms methods.

Berries provide the antioxidant that will help with hypothyroidism. You’ll be helping improve the health of your thyroid and to battle free radicals.

Recommendation for Additional Dietary

If you have thyroid problems so Lean protein is a good food to consume it. Salmon contains omega-3 levels which play a big part in thyroid health and that’s why you should eat it multiple times per week.

Whole Grains for Anxiety
Whole Grains

When anxiety has its benefits which it can put a halt to your day and hold you in a grip that makes it feel like it will never stop when it gets the better of you. What you eat is one of the factors that contribute to intense feelings of anxiety.

If your serotonin levels are running low, a Whole grains can boost your serotonin levels, which will makes you feel better in turn. Serotonin is helps the brain send out signals that all is well, and often labeled the “feel good” neurotransmitter.

Blueberries can make you more prone to anxiety and the way these fight damage from free radicals and help curb anxiety due to the antioxidants. Almonds also contains healthy fats and zinc, which improve your mood.

Dark Chocolate to the Rescue
Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate unlike milk chocolate contains antioxidants and it is rich in magnesium. Which will be enough in helping to calm you and keep bouts of anxiety from taking over your day.

Apples for Bad Breath

Some of the worst bad breath offenders are coffee, garlic and onion, and you’ll want to know which foods is good to help freshen things up. So what are the foods that can help matters?

An apple a day can bring people closer to you, and it also can help keep the doctor away. Apples are good foods that don’t leave an odor of its own behind while cleansing the mouth.

Yogurt also is a recommended food that will help you to put a stop to bad breath. Fresh herbs as well are a way to go, and artificial flavors of peppermint and spearmint been used by gum manufactures for ages.

Tongue Scraping

Scraping your tongue before you go to bed and again when you wake up is another natural method to fight bad breath. This process removes plenty of bacteria and also helps remove the outer film from your tongue which can lead to that not-so-fresh taste in your mouth.

Eggs for Bloating

Feeling bloated can sometimes be quite painful and it is no fun at all. You should avoid the foods that will cause excessive bloating. Cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts have been linked to bloating, so you need to watch your intake of these types of food, which will help prevent the bloating from occurring.

When you got a bloating case Scramble up some eggs, or eat them regularly to prevent it altogether.

Get Enough Protein

Almonds contains fiber and great source of protein, which can help reduce that bloated feeling. Greek yogurt serves as a probiotic and also can up your protein intake.

Papaya for Bruises

Including how well-nourished your body is, how long a bruise lasts are determined by several things and how easily you bruise and. You’ll need to make sure that you’re getting the right mix of minerals and vitamins so your body can heal up a bruise faster.

When it comes to Vitamin C, papaya is off the charts, and to get this important vitamin you only need a 100g serving, which gives you a full day’s supply.

Kale also provide a wide array of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that will give you Vitamin E and can round out your nutritional profile.

Mango for Vitamin E

Mango also will Boost your vitamin reserves, also it give you vitamins A and C and plenty of Vitamin E. When combine vitamin C with Vitamin E it helps the bruise heal faster.