Health hazards posed By the side of the bed one sleeps on


Health hazards posed By the side of the bed one sleeps on Various studies have been done on the art of sleeping and a lot has been discovered.

The first one has been that the quality of sleep trumps the length or period of sleep one will have no matter their health status.

The most surprising one to date, however, has been that of the side one sleeps on and how it affects the quality of sleep they have, or their general health status. You thought sleeping on any side of your body was the same thing? Read this and you will discover that you made a significant error.

The Left Side is the Best


While an individual deep in their sleep cannot be told to sleep on a single side, one can control what side they sleep on just before they hit the deep levels of sleep.

The left side has been proven to have many benefits to the health of the individual to such an extent that sleeping on the right side may even be a health hazard.

For most right-handed people, however, the default sleeping side is the life one…which is a good thing to know.

Left Hand Side Sleeping and its Benefits


 when sleeping on the left hand side of the body, one enables their lymphatic system which in turn helps the body detoxify easily. In this way, the body will be more efficient in filtering out the fluids through the lymph nodes thus ridding the body of wastes, toxins and many other materials the body does not have use for.

Better Heart:

sleeping on the left side will boast the mechanisms of the heart to such an extent that one experiences better circulation throughout the body.

Less Heartburn: 

those with issues such as gastritis and other similar problems have reported little to no heartburns when sleeping on their left side compared to their right side.

Better Digestion:

sleeping on the left side has been proven to improve the digestion process based purely on gravity. The entry to the large intestine lies on the left side thus sleeping on that side will allow wastes easy movement towards the large intestine.

Back Pain Relief:

sleeping on this side of the body reduces the amount of pressure on the spine and thus the patient will feel less pain when asleep.

Benefits the Pregnant Women: 

for pregnant women, sleeping on the left side has many health benefits. First of all is the fact that it boosts the rate of circulation as stated above.

Doing so will help the baby grow into a healthy individual? Also, this sleeping position has been stated to relieve the pressure on the back with many benefits to the body.

Lastly, this side of the body takes away the pressure from the liver which would be squeezed by the uterus if one were to sleep on the right side of the body.

As such, the best side to sleep on is the left one.