The Healthiest Foods on The Planet

Healthy food
Healthiest Foods

Some foods contains more nutritional punch than others, these 3 foods provide the most health benefits of all food on earth.

Goji Berries

Goji Berries
Goji Berries


For your overall feeling of well-being, many people are finding out how good goji berries are. Don’t rely on a juice or any other product that claiming to contain it, you’ll need to find dried goji berries.

They make a great snack between meals, and when comparing it to phony energy drinks, you can introduce plenty of antioxidants into your system and get actual energy from these.


It give a dose of support to your immune system, and it also helps beat the onslaught of free radicals that occur as a result of a stressful environment and processed foods that don’t offer nutritional support to the body.

The most benefit that would be interested is the ability to help fight fatigue.

Nutritional Breakdown for each Ounce – Dried.

Vitamin C – 20%

Vitamin A – 170% of the daily value.

Protein – 4g



Avocado raw

Avocado is one of the more expensive items in the produce section on the organic route. To pick the right ones it can be tricky. To get their benefit you don’t have to eat them everyday. It would be a great start by adding one or two a week to your diet.


The amounts of healthy monounsaturated fat are one of the most referenced benefits of avocado. If you’re trying to lose fat these fats actually will help you to lose fat. They also help you to keep the feel of fullness longer. Avocados in general will help stabilize your blood glucose levels and also the carotenoid levels help with eye health.

Nutritional Breakdown for each 100g – Raw

Vitamin B6 – 16%

Monounsaturated fat – 10g

Folate – 22%



What is so special in this fish to make it stands apart from all the others?

It’s because of the omega-3 which is contain in it, and it also high in protein. To get the full amount of benefits you’ll need to stick to Alaskan wild salmon. You need to know that smoked salmon does not have the same nutritional benefits as freshly caught and cooked.


Because of the protein it contains, salmon will provide support to your muscle tissue for your strength training. The omega-3s are also so important because they provide vital support to your circulatory system and your heart.

It also help to decrease the likelihood and increase the memory function of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer. It also has its benefits for the hair and the skin, it helps to make it look at their best.

Nutritional Breakdown for each 100g – wild Alaskan.

Vitamin B1 – 13%.

Niacin – 42%.

Vitamin A – 9%.

Protein – 20g.