Improving your Back Pain

Improving your Back Pain
Improving your Back Pain

Back pain is a very uncomfortable feeling. Statistics show that 80% people will get some sort of back pain issue along their life.

Some back pains are chronical, and it is then when such health condition can seriously affect your lifestyle. Doing everyday activities like bending or lying down can be very painful.

Next we will talk about some ways to improve your back pain. Finding relief will be the best reward after reading this information.

Stay Active


Ironically, to improve a back pain condition, the best advice is to stay active. Don’t stay in bed over 3 days, and keep on moving.

By staying active we mean you should do simple exercises. For example, walking is of most use. Don’t use the stairs or walk on hills. Go to a park and take a 20 minute walk every day.

As you are on your walking routine, remember to keep a good posture. While you are walking, your back should be straight, and your shoulders must be in line with your spine. Avoid hunching and walk with your chin up.

 Pay Attention to your Posture at all Times

Improving your Back Pain

We already talked about keeping a good posture while walking. However, you must watch your posture at all times. Poor postures on daily activities can be the source of your back pain. Commonly, people with sedentary lives have bad postures when they sit.

Make sure you have a comfortable and ergonomically designed chair if you are going to sit for long periods of time.

The problem with a bad posture is that it adds unnecessary strain to your back. By eliminating the source of this strain, you will let your muscles relax naturally.

Heat and Cold Pads

Improving your Back Pain
Improving your Back Pain

When the pain is unbearable, a good advice is to use heat and cold pads. You need to make a choice. The best is to use cold packs when the injure is recent. If it is chronical pain or after the first 48 to 36 hours, you can switch to heat pads.

Both approaches will help you relieve the pain. There is no evidence on which one will work best, so chose the one that feels more comfortable. It will be the pad you can bare for the longest time.

As you apply heat or cold packs, protect your skin. Use a tower or a cloth between the pad and the point of pain. Some pads are prepared with a protective layer. If it is a soft and comfortable cloth, you can put them directly. However, if it is plastic, the best is to put a pad between.


Improving your Back Pain
Improving your Back Pain

Certain exercise routines can improve your back pain. Flexibility exercise and anything that strengthens your abdomen will be very useful. However, depending on your injury, some of the.most common exercises may not be right for you. Ask your doctor which is a good routine for your sort of pain.