The cucumber fruit belongs to the cucurbitaceae family of fruits in which the likes of watermelons, squashes and pumpkins also belong.

    While there have been studies and praise for other members of this family, the cucumber has been slightly sidelined.

    However, this fruit, made of 95% water, has a lot of nutrients which will benefit the individual in many important ways.

    It has among the highest levels of vitamins, minerals and other valuable nutrients that go a long way in keeping one hydrated and healthy. Not convinced yet, here are the main reasons the cucumber should be your fruit of choice all year round.


    Eliminates bad breath:

    bad breath is a result of two aspects which are excessive heat in the stomach and bacteria that cause bad odors in the mouth. Both of these cases can be dealt with by cucumbers.

    A slice of cucumber on the roof of the mouth will rid the mouth of the awful bacteria while eating the cucumber will reduce the amount of heat in the stomach leading to low incidences of bad breath. Rather than going for costly remedies for bad breath, the cucumber is an easily-accessible solution.

    The burning of fat and effective digestion:

    with lots of fiber and water, cucumbers give the best requirements for the digestion process. Given that the body needs about 50 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories ingested, cucumbers will go a long way in contributing to this daily requirement.

    The low levels of calories in the cucumbers also make them a good food for reducing the amount of fats in the body. They also rank highly on the Satiety Index hence will reduce the amount of food one will eat. They are thus important parts of the dieting process for most people.

    It has antioxidant properties:

     cucumbers have lots of antioxidants such as beta-carotene, kaempferol, luteolin, apigenin, quercetin, and vitamin C. All these antioxidants work by ensuring that some poisonous items do not harm the individual.

    For instance, quercetin is known to prevent the release of histamine. Histamine is the compound in the body which is released to cause a swelling whenever an area of the body is hit. Therefore, this antioxidant works as a natural antihistamine for the body.

    Also, kaempferol will work by preventing the occurrence of some chronic diseases and cancers.

    Cucumbers have many other benefits:

    which have not been discussed here. However, knowing the elements and nutrients they have makes them very important factors in the prevention of diseases and promotion of healthy growth.

    They have manganese, vitamin C, potassium, copper, all the B vitamins, and vitamin K. the fact that they have a lot of water compared to other fruits is a clear sign that they go a long way in keeping the body hydrated enough against the sun or generally hot conditions.

    For the most part, cucumbers can be eaten as they are or mixed with other fruits to make tasty juice blends or salads.