Maintaining a healthy weight

    Maintaining a healthy weight
    Maintaining a healthy weight

    Weight Loss

    In the recent world, maintaining a healthy weight has become an issue and a concern for everybody. Obesity has become a concern for everyone, because it has been reflected in our children. Someone is regarded an obese if he/she weighs 35 or more kilograms than the recommended optimum weight. Therefore, weight loss and cutting weight has become a major topic almost all over the world in the past years. Obesity and overweight has steadily increased due to poor dietary and unbalanced diets. It has affected all ages, both genders and all ethnic groups.

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    Diseases associated with overweight and obese

    Over the years, studies have been carried out showing the mortality rates associated with obesity. People who are obese are at higher risk of death compared to those with an optimum healthy weight. However, studies have shown the following diseases associated with obesity: Diabetes, gout, pregnancy complications, fatty liver disease, increased mortality rate, surgical risks, depression, gallbladder disease, breathing problems, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, high blood cholesterol and osteoarthritis.

    Loss of productivity

    Obesity has completely deteriorated the human body with a large number of health conditions. People who are overweight are at higher risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, different types of cancers and diabetes. Therefore, this life threatening conditions due to obesity, have made people lose their productivity value because; many work days are lost due to regular visits to physicians, bed ridden days and restricted activity days.

    Loss of productivity

    Losing weight the right way

    Achieving the right weight comes with many fundamental changes that need to be addressed in terms of exercise, nutrition, rest, and relaxation. Many people are running for the short term commitment to reduce their weights, but it is important to understand that achieving optimal weight the right way, is a long-term endeavor that needs commitment and discipline. In this article I will discuss ways to maintain weight, and lose weight the right way. Unsafe methods of losing weight can cause adverse health effects which are dangerous to your health

    Muscle volumes in our bodies are more dense than fat. Therefore, the first thing to focus is losing fats and replacing the fat on the body with equivalent muscle volumes. Decreasing inches from your body is essential especially on the chest, hips, thighs and arms. Focus on losing percentage body fat in our bodies. You should note that, maintain a low percentage of fat in our bodies can be dangerous to our health. Primary fat is used to protect the internal organs of the body. While essential body fat helps the body to function normally.

    Focus on both elements of weight loss

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    One doesn’t lose weight with increased physical activity only.  You should focus on all elements of losing weight by improving the quality of food you take, lifestyle changes and doing some exercises. Losing weight is a very difficult task and for one to achieve an optimal weight, you have to be dedicated.