How Much Daily Exercise Does your Dog need?

Daily Exercise Does your Dog need
Daily Exercise Does your Dog need

We always think that exercise is only a health matter but it has a magnificent effect on the dog behavior as well.

Dogs ـــ especially puppies and the young ones ــ have a lot of energy, and if they not burn that energy they will end up with a bad and constructive behavior. So, if you complaining from the headaches from the parking of your dog or getting annoyed by the hole that your dog has dug then your dog doesn’t get enough exercise.

When it comes to exercise your dog and how much exercise does he need it’s an easy answer but it depends on how old your dog are, which breed does he belong to and also the health condition of your dog.

How much exercise does your dog need depending on his age

  • For puppies. Puppy

    The energy in Puppies are generally more than in adult dogs, and that require more exercise such as in short bursts – like the zoomies. Taking a short walk with your puppy or play sessions throughout the day is a better choice than going for a long walk, as this can be hard on your puppy’s developing body.Every puppy are different from one to another and the more you spent time with your puppy the more you will learn and know how much exercise he needs to keep him happy. Take to your breeder about how much daily activity is suitable for your puppy, and keep in mind that exercise is a great way to socialize and train your new dog.

  • For adult dog. adult dog

    The breed is the most influence on the level of physical activity that your adult dog need. High-energy breeds such as Belgian Malinois and Border Collies require more exercise than lower-energy breeds such as the Basset Hound or Bulldog.When choosing a puppy, keep in mind that the exercise requirements of your dog’s breed is an important factor. It is not a good choice to buy an active dog breed unless you are already an active person who leads an active lifestyle.

  • For senior dog. senior Dog

    Your senior dog might not run as far as he once did, and you might have to restrict his run to a walk, but for your senior dog exercise is very important as it is for your puppy. Talk with your breeder about how much exercise does your senior dog needs, and also observe his behavior. As the owner, you know your dog best and you will know how much exercise your dog can comfortably handle.

No matter your dog’s age, exercise keeps the dog active and provides all dogs with mental stimulation, which can help reduce the risk of obesity and prolong their lives.

The health of your dog is also important. If your adult dog has a medical condition such as hip heart or dysplasia or respiratory issues, talk with your breeder about an a proper exercise routine that will help him stay healthy and keep him comfort.