Oil Seeds and Herbs

Oil Seeds Herbs

Black seeds oil have many health benefits. Nigella Sativa produces fruits that have tiny black seeds. Black oil seeds have antioxidant properties, and they are used to relieve inflammation in the body.

They are used also to treat health conditions like asthma and blood pressure.

Oil Seeds and Herbs
Oil Seeds and Herbs

Health Benefits of Black seeds.

  • Treating stomach upsets: Black seeds usually help reduce bloating, ulcers and gas. Eating black oil seeds helps prevents cramps and stomach pains. Black seeds therefore are necessary, and should be eaten to reduce stomach upsets.


  • Reduces cholesterol: Black seeds have fatty acids that can help maintain a healthy cholesterol level. Linoleic and oleic acids usually reduces high cholesterol.


  • Treating High Blood Pressure: Black seeds are also used to reduce high blood pressure in older people. A research has shown that taking black cumin seeds usually reduces high blood pressure. Therefore this is one of the greatest use black seeds provides in our bodies.


  • Taking oral black seeds has also proven to reduce rheumatoid arthritis symptoms


This is a black seed that is usually extracted from marijuana, and it has benefits too. Hemps extracts usually contain cannabinoids that causes effect by acting on the cells of the human body.

Therefore the cannabinoids substance in hemps usually controls the body metabolism and controls seizures. Lab test and research have proved so.


Natural Benefits

Black oil seeds have proved to treat problems related to the skin. They are used for various beauty purposes:


Softening the skin: black seeds improves hydration and skin moisture. It is usually added to oils to help improve hydration of the skin.


Wound Healing: Black seeds have naturally proven to heal wound. They usually remove the bacteria presence in the wounds, and reduce inflammation hence healing the wound. It helps the body in creating a healthy skin.


Hair softening: Black seeds usually hydrates the human hair, softens and smoothens it. Hence making the hair shiny.

Application of black oil seeds has proven to benefit the human hair fully and it has reduced hair loose greatly.


However Black seeds may be used for kitchen purposes, you can add black seeds to soups and sprinkle over breads.

Black seeds (nigella sativa)

They have proven to have health benefits. There are other black seeds which include: Black cumin, Kalonji, Black onion seed and black caraway. They all serve the same purposes, they have helped medical researchers to find solutions to existing medical conditions like blood pressure and asthma.


It is recommended not to stop taking prescribed medicine, and start taking black oil seed. It is important to talk to your doctor for advice.

Black oil seeds are safe and helps your liver and kidney function well. But too much taking of the black oil seed may damage your liver.

It is advisable to seek doctor’s prescription, doctors will give you a safe dose and you will evade allergic reactions and other liver problems.

Black oil seed is usually packaged into capsules for consumption. It is also sold as an oil and can be applied to skin and hair.