Pilate’s fitness and health benefits

Pilate’s fitness

Pilates Fitness is common among the Hollywood elite, celebrities, and the rich. Pilates was introduced during the first world to aid injured soldiers regain their health. Pilate’s fitness was introduced as rehabilitation program for casualties. The main aim was to help injured soldiers gain fitness level by stretching, strengthening their muscles.

Joseph Pilates the founder of Pilate’s fitness based the fitness on the following key principals. Centering, concentration, correct alignment, precision, breathing, control and flowing movement to establish a perfect working body.

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Pilate’s classes

Pilate’s fitness has grown and has really worked to many people, because it offers good shape of the body and improves the overall health using a unique method. Typically Pilate’s fitness classes focuses on muscle groups, series of poses, centering, and calming of the mind. Pilate’s classes improves the strength, lean muscles tone and flexibility.

Pilate’s fitness emphasizes on aligning the spine and overall lengthening the body rather than broadening the muscles and bulking. It on the shoulders and pelvis encompassing all muscles in the area.

However, Pilate’s fitness is not necessarily used in the field of fitness but also it is used in rehabilitation of individuals by focusing on their movements that represent their day to day activities. It strengthens your body and postural awareness and helps in preventing neck, back and joint pains.

Pilate’s classes

Benefits of Pilate’s fitness

  • Reduces muscle tension: Pilates reduces tense muscles and joint pains. Lengthening and strengthening of muscle produces long, and strong muscle tone that doesn’t have to be bulky. Pilates helps individuals who have tense muscles and joints.


  • Lowers blood pressure: By carrying out regular Pilate’s fitness, it has proven to reduce blood pressure. Studies have shown blood pressure reduce significantly for people who do Pilates fitness than other fitness exercises.
  • Slimming: Pilates improves your flexibility and increases your mobility. Postural and alignment carried out in fitness classes helps you to sit straighter, stand taller and move with better balance and coordination. Therefore, by doing Pilate’s fitness you can expect slimming and flexibility.


  • Increases energy levels: Pilate’s fitness doesn’t leave you tired like other fitness exercises. It makes you feel strong, focused mindset, increased energy levels and in control after the challenging exercise.
  • Reduce aches and pains: The long period of challenging work out and mild activity helps eliminate pains and aches.
  • Reliefs stress: Pilate’s fitness aids in fantastic stress relief. During Pilates practice there is always a mind and body connection that you maintain, this helps relief all external stresses. It helps in relieving stress, anxiety, depression, and bipolar syndrome.


  • Pilates stimulates and eliminates toxins and waste. Pilate’s fitness improves digestion and increases the metabolic rates. It is a constant booster to your immune system, therefore, individuals practicing Pilates rarely get sick


Pilates helps in body fitness and it is not the kind of practice you leave feeling exhausted and tired. In fact it increases your energy levels and help you feel more energized. It improve bone density and lung capacity as well as breathing improvement.

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