Six mentrual issues that never to be ignored .For most women, missing a menstrual cycle is not a totally new thing.Even for some, missing a few may be a phenomenon they are used to.

However, when other problems come up, it could be time to see a medical practitioner. If one experiences any of these six problems, they should seek medical advice.


Lack of menstruation:

 if one is not pregnant or on some types of drugs and they go for a couple of months without their periods, it is a reason for concern.

There is an array of problems that can be behind this including stress, premature menopause, thyroid problems, hormonal imbalance, excessive dieting, or too much working out.

Too much bleeding:

while abnormal bleeding is normal between cycles especially when one is on birth control medications, it cannot be taken on the surface as it may be a sign of cancer cells, fibroids, or ovarian cysts.

One should ensure that they have it checked as soon as they notice anything unusual with their bleeding.

Unbearable PMS symptoms:

for most women, having the premenstrual syndrome is a normal issue. In fact, many seem to be a bit agitated.

However, it the PMS turns into lots of rage, weird cravings, depression, and lots of anxiety, one should consider taking medications such as anti-depressants which work to calm the individual down during the menstrual period.

Sudden, intensive cramps:

very painful cramps are a sign of a condition called endometriosis. In this condition, cells inside the uterus start to grow on the external walls of the uterus causing the abnormal pain. These symptoms are often diagnosed in women from a very young age as they develop early in life. They can be intercepted by medicines.

Too much bleeding:

excessive bleeding can be realized if the sanitary pads are to be changed each hour. It would mean that too much blood is being lost through the periods.

This may be a sign of such diseases as fibroids, adenomyosis and polyps. This condition may be a cause for anemia in the individual owing to losing too much blood.

It may also be a sign of myoma and hyperplasia either of which requires urgent medical attention as they pose a great danger to the individual.

Premenstrual magnification:

 if one suffers from some diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, asthma and depression, they are likely to see heightened symptoms for these diseases a few days before their menses set in.

This phenomenon is known as premenstrual magnification and is very dangerous to the individual it may cause life-threatening scenarios. Consulting a doctor should enable the person take care of this situation given that some the symptoms of this condition may badly affect the patient.

If one observes any one or a combination of these symptoms, they are to seek medical attention as soon as possible before it escalates into something more serious. If the menstruation also goes beyond 10 days, that is a case for the doctor.