The True Facts About German Shepherd

German Shepherd
German Shepherd

German Shepherd is one of the most famous breed in the world, Here are some true facts about that unique breed.


German Shepherd is belonging to versatile herd group of working dogs. As a herding dogs the abilities of this breed is beyond its origin. German Shepherd has held many jobs as search and rescue dog, police and military dog, detector dog and guide and assistance dog. These are some of the jobs that can be held by this versatile breed.

 2.A High-energy Dog

German Shepherd 3
A High-energy Dog

German Shepherd is a high-energy dog and that means that he will need a lot of activities and exercises and mental stimulation. He will enjoy going for hikes and walks also he will need to receive a brain exercise such as  helping you to pick things up and bring it back to you, learning tricks or serving the community as a therapy dog. You must gave him the opportunities to relief himself during the day or he will be bored, lonely and destructive.


This breed are highly intelligent dogs, meaning he is a dog of action that will need an active owner to live with and gave him a job that worth his talent. He’s not that type of dog who like to be treated as a coach potato German shepherds are smart and famously trainable and if you not put these brains to work in constructive ways, they will find a way to constructive alternatives.

4.Protector and Bodyguard

German Shepherd
Protector and Bodyguard

The German Shepherd is aloof demeanor around strangers,maintaining a suspicious,very protective and devoted to its family and home. He is great for watchdog and a deterrent. A well-mannered, socialized German Shepherd who lives with his family will protect them. He will keep you within sound and sight he will position himself 15 or 20 feet away from you, but he will never let you go out of his sight. That’s part of his nature as a herding dog.

If you are looking for owning a German Shepherd Hera are some advises:

Socialization requirements.
Because of the protective instincts toward strangers that Most German Shepherds have they may be suspicious of everyone. They will need extensive exposure to friendly people, which will help them recognize the normal behaviors of “good guys” which will make them recognize the difference when someone really does act abnormally.
Legal liabilities.
The legal liabilities of owning breed that has a history as a guard dog should be considered because German Shepherds may be refusal of homeowner insurance policies or targeted for “banning” in certain areas.
Heavy shedding.
German Shepherds shed constantly which mean you’ll find hair all over your carpeting, clothing, and furniture. Make sure you’re really up for frequent vacuuming because it will be a way of life once you have a German Shepherd.
The wide range of temperaments.
German Shepherds are so very different from each other, there are very different temperaments can be produced by different breeders.
So if you looking for a dog for protection work, you do not want show lines and if you looking for a family companion, you do not want high-energy working lines. With German Shepherds you have must carefully research your lines or you will end up with a wrong one who isn’t what you were looking for.
In the German Shepherds breed, individual dogs are different. Behavioral consultants says that they see a lot of German Shepherds with neurotic behaviors, especially skittishness, extreme fearfulness and aggression and that because they was badly bred by unknowledgeable people. So again, you need to carefully research your lines.
Providing enough mental stimulation.
German Shepherds are so capable and intelligent. They are not meant to be chosen for a hangout around the house and yard.
German Shepherds thrive when they find interesting things that challenge their minds. When German Shepherds get bored, they can become destructive and rambunctious especially when young.
Finding a healthy one and keeping him healthy.
From elbow and hip dysplasia, to cancer and heart disease, to skin diseases and stomach disorders, German Shepherds are one of the riskiest breeds in terms of long-term health. The list of serious health problems to which they are susceptible is too long.
So, to avoid these problems, you need to go to the right breeder and buy your German Shepherd from him. And once you have your puppy home, keep him healthy starting with feeding the best foods.

“The German Shepherd has a distinct personality marked by direct and fearless, but not hostile, expression, self-confidence, and a certain aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendships. The dog must be approachable, quietly standing its ground and showing confidence and willingness to meet overtures without itself making them.” says The AKC Standard