What is the best age for a puppy to be weaned?

puppy weaned
What is the best age for a puppy to be weaned?

Puppies should be for 60 days before being weaned with their mothers, but many breeders doing it a bit earlier.

A recent study from the British Veterinary Association claimed that when puppies weaned earlier before they were 60 days old can develop behavioral problems later on in their lives.

However, the breeders actually start weaning puppies on age of 3 or 4 week old.

As long as the process of weaning is done slowly in a couple of weeks, puppies will be fine even if they are weaned away from their mothers at this age.

Other owners prefer to wait a little longer before taking puppies away from their mothers and litter mates.

A recent study shows the puppies tend to be much happier, well balanced creatures if they stayed the all 60 days with their mothers.


When Weaned too Young May Develop Behavioral Problems in Dogs

Behavioral Problems in Dogs

When weaned too young that can affected the relationship that dogs might have with their owners and with other dogs as well, and often feared being abandoned.

This leads naturally to all sorts of behavioral problems, which can be very hard to put right.

Behavioral problems included being destructive, howling, possessiveness over food and toys and excessive barking.

Other behavioral issues included aggressiveness as well as play biting and attention seeking.

All of these were associated with having been taken away earlier than 60 days from their mothers.


Make The ‘Sensitive Period’ A Good Experience

Sensitive Period

All the young dogs are going through a very sensitive period, which is the fact that most breeders accept it.

This is the time when puppies experience positive social interaction with humans as well as other dogs.

It has a great effect on any development in their behavior and temperament, and that means that it’s better for them as long as it occurs earlier.

When puppies are allowed a positive sensitive period they become happier with less chance of developing behavioral problems later.

If the puppies are sent to pet shop it will gets worse. Because they will not only weaned too early and not given the chance to go through ‘ a positive sensitive period’, they are then will be putted in what’s called a stressful environment of a pet shop.

This can lead to develop socializing and behavioral problems when they get older, which could be a real problem for their owners.

What Should You Do When You Take Your Puppy Home

Take Your Puppy Home

You need to make sure that you know when the puppy was weaned and what sort of food the puppy was weaned on.

This will help to avoid any digestive upsets. If you want to change the puppy’s diet you can’t just change it once they are at home, it has to be done gradually.

The best thing is to wait for a weak at least before introducing any new food into their diets.

If you don’t, it could affect their systems and eventually make it very difficult for your puppy to be house trained, with no fault of their own.

Make sure the house is calm and nice with any other animals you may own. That will help to relax the situation for your new arrival.

Once puppy has done from exploring the areas, you should offer them some food and a little bit of water, then let them go outside in the garden if you can.

You have to remember that this is the first time your puppy has been away from his mother and his litter for any great length of time.

That’s why you need to be there for them and make them feel secure and that everything is okay.